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Home remedy for psoriasis


As salam,

Psoriasis is one type of skin disease. I read that it’s a genetic disease and an immune-mediated disease. I had psoriasis. My late father and my mum both having the same problem. I’ve been having it since my teenage years. It was never cured. It’ll come and go. The worse part is that is leaves an ugly scares. Ur skin will turn darker at the infected area. I had at my feet. Buruk la rupa kaki. Bertompok2 parut hitam.


Psoriasis can be as mild as this.


Gettin’ worse.


And as worse as this. Even worse… U’ll feel itchy all the time.

I came across this website giving ideas on home remedy for this problem. I realize that it’ll never cure, but at least it can control it.

Water therapy

Dry skin can make psoriasis became worse. What u need to do is to dip the infected area into lukewarm water for few minutes to soften the flaky skin. Then u can peel it of. Once done, moisturize ur skin.

Coconut oilps3

It contains lauric acid which has the property of  anti bacteria and anti inflammatory agent. Rub the oil on the infected area so that it can moisturize and calm the inflammation.

Apple cider vinegar

Mix 1 part of apple cider vinegar with half part of water. Dip the infected area into the solution for about 10 minutes. Do this regularly, InsyaAllah the affected area will turn to its original color ( I really have to try this).

Aloe veraps5

Apply the gel 6-7 times daily as it can moisturize the infected area.

Olive oilps4

Also good to moisturize the infected area. U can also mix it with few drops of tea tree oil since they both contain anti fungal and anti infection properties.



Weekend project with kids – Part 2 (pretend play)


As salam,

Weekend is approaching. Again, I’m thinking of things to do with my 3 kids at home. Things that can prevent them from keeping their time with the gadgets. Haishhh… susah la zaman sekarang. Beli pun susah, tak beli pun susah. Tak beli nanti kesian pulak, dengar kawan2 cerita. Dah beli of course they’ll stuck to the thing, panggil makan pun kadang2 tak layan. So, in order to prevent this, or reduce their time with this kinda gadgets mommies let’s be creative.

Let’s have a pretend play this weekend. This idea was adapted from 27 Ways For Kids To Play With Food. The same blog I was referring to last week.

1. Get one of ur kids to act as a waiter, of u can act as one. While the others will become the guest. But, if ur the waiter then u have to make sure that the foods are ready to be served. 😉play3

2. Lay the table accordingly just to have the “feel” of dining out. play2

3. Present the guest with ur prepared menu. It doesn’t has to be fancy, u can just write it in a piece of paper along with the price. U can provide the waiter with a note book n pen to write down the orders.play1

4. Enjoy the food. The waiter of course can dine along. If not, kesian pulak dia sorang2 tak makan kan. Hehehe.

5. Once done, the waiter will present the bill. To make the situation real, u can use the fake money, from Saidina of course. This will teach them to deal with money and maths. If the older sibling get to become the waiter then make him do the calculations for the bill. play4

That’s it. Done with ur weekend role play. 🙂

Love to dress up?


As salam,

Yes I do. But have to admit that I’m not really good in fashion and style, in clothing. Will just wear anything comfortable to me, covering my aurah and try to obey the dress code as much as possible. Do think that need to find some time to revamp my wardrobe, buang baju2 lama yang tak pakai tu. Dah ketat actually, some torn jeans, baggy t shirts. Owhh so many things to do, yet so little time that I have. Another reason to revamp is nak try a new image (chewahhh…). Macamana pulak tu? Ok, let’s look in these pictures. It was taken from this blog, carib muslimah. I’ve always love her blog. But she’s stop blogging somehow after she delivered a baby. But that was last year. Dunno why. Tapi takpelah. Jom layan some of this pictures.


I would want to wear this to work, nampak so corporate  kan?


Will wear this on Wednesday, cause it’s not really a busy day. Will spend most of the time in my room. Pakai heels pun okay sebab tak banyak berjalan.style3

During weekend or my shopping day, but totally without the kids around. Susah nak kejar anak with those wedges on.style4

Love the boots and handbags. But not the tudung style.style5

Mana nak beli lipstick wonder women tu? Hehehe… the top looks great!

Nice right? Rasanya kalau nak ikut this kinda style, I need to save these pictures in my phone and shop accordingly to the styles. Hahaha.. kronik betul untuk someone yang buta fashion like me.

Till now, bye 🙂


Makeup 101 – To save or to toss?


As salam,

I used to love buying makeups. But I rarely used them, especially the mascara and eye liner. Dunno why. It’s just like a curse when wearing one. Mesti smudging. End up, tak tau nak buat apa. Nak buang, sayang. Nak simpan tapi tak pakai pun. Tapi simpan tu simpan la jugak. Have to rememeber that makeups do have expiry date. Memangla we didn’t consume our makeup. Hehehe. Takde la risk cirit-birit tu. Tapi it might give effect to the skin. Nanti naik jerawat batu pulak. Lagi nayaaa… I’ve found the list from and picture showing us the life span of our makeups. So lepas ni balik tengok2 la dalam makeup case or dressing table tu. Yang mana nak buang, yang mana nak simpan.



Mascara should be replaced every three months, since its liquid consistency makes it more vulnerable to bacteria, and its proximity to your eye can lead to possible infections.

Liquid Liner

Liquid eyeliners present the same concerns as mascara, so they should be replaced every six months. Pencil eyeliners, however, should last you up two years. Sharpen your pencil with each use to keep it fresh.


For liquid foundations, say goodbye if you notice any change in smell, texture or color. Most foundations should last you up to a year, but if you’re prone to acne, think about tossing yours every six months.


Because of the liquid consistency, lipgloss needs to be replaced more often than lipstick. Swap yours out every 12 months.


As with liners, the longevity of concealers depends on consistency. Liquid concealer should be tossed after one year, but powder concealer is fine up to two years.

Nail Polish

If you notice a change in color or a funky smell, it’s time to part ways with your polish. In general, it should last you up to two years and some have expiration dates on the back of the bottle. 


Consider it a long-term relationship- lipstick can last up to two years! Dispose if your lipstick becomes dry or changes hues.

Powder, Blush, Bronzer, Eyeshadow

With proper care, and clean brushes, powder-based products can last for a couple of years.

One good tip:

Tulis date of purchase dengan marker kat casing makeups u all so that u can estimate when is the expiry period.

Adios 😉

Kids vs house chores


As salam,

I’m a working mum with 3 kids. I’ve no maid, I left home to work at 8 am and reach home around 7 pm. I’ve so little time to spend with my kids and doing the house chores. So, please don’t imagine that I own an English concept house ke, contemporary style ke, or any kinda style yang Eric Leong selalu buat tu. As long as the house is clean, laundry is done, that’s heaven for me.

To ease my burden, I did ask my kids to help me along. Semua nak buat sorg2 mati la. Banyak dah kerja kita boleh bagi anak2 tolong. Diorang pun sebenarnya rasa lebih dihargai, rasa macam diri dah besar sebab dapat buat kerja adults, jadi lebih bertanggungjawab juga. So, what are the chores that we can let them do?

Tidy up their roomkids3

Let them clean up their room. Make their own bed. Lipat selimut senget2 pun takpe. Cadar tak kemas pun it’s okay. Ajar slowly. Weekend is the best day for them to clean up the whole room, sweep the floor, change the bed sheet, make the bed properly.





Believe me they’ll love doing this. My 3 kids will definitely lari laju2, berebut nak ambik vacuum, tarik wayar, pasang plug and start vacuuming. While the youngest (he’s 2 yrs and half) will at times ride the vacuum, or switch it of and keep on pressing the button to roll off the cord. Abang n kakak will start screaming. Though the vacuuming times will take longer but I think it’s their bonding time.

Water plants and gardening

Another favorite task by most of the kids in the whole world. Seronok dapat main air n main tanah. Get them a small watering can, the one with bright n fancy colors, or just a small can (tin susu) make tiny holes at the bottom. They’ll love it.

Sort, Start, Switch, Fold, and Put Away Laundry

We can let them to sort the laundry, e.g. pilih baju sendiri and put aside. Easier for us to fold it. Ataupun baju dah lipat and ask them to put away their clothes. Ajar macamana nak susun baju dalam almari, macamana nak ambil baju/seluar carefully without messing it up. kids







Take care of pets

My girl once ask me if she could have a cat of her own. She’s only 7. Too bad my answer is NO. Cause I did’t think that she can handle everything. Nanti kucing berak sapa nak cuci. I’m not a pet person. They used to have a pair of tortoise and fish of course. But it ended up mommy needs to do everything. Mula2 je semangat waja. Lama2 dah tak nak buat. So I think they’re not ready for pet, yet. But if mommies out there if u think that ur kids are ready, u can have them to feed their pet, clean up cages, walk the pet. It’ll be great for the kids to show their maturity and responsibility.

Sweep and mop the floor

Kids love doing this. I didn’t really encourage my kids to do the mopping cause worrying that they might slip and fall. But they’ll help me sweeping the lawn. My mom in law gave me this cute and tiny broom which she bought in Kelantan, tak pernah jumpa kat kedai area my house pun lagi. Penyapu tu pendek je batang dia. Jadi budak2 suka guna, which is about their size and it’s really light. kids4

Rinse the dishes

Trust ur kids with the plates and glasses. They can handle it. Just make sure that u double check it once they’ve cleaned it. Especially pinggan makan nasik. Kadang2 tak sental bersih2 ada lagi minyak or nasik yang terlekat.kids1

Simple prep meal

Once a while I’ll let my kids do breakfast or snacks for me. Let them pour their own cereals and milk, do their own toast, allow them to use knife once in a while (but with our supervision). They’ll eat more, in a large portion than always. Konon2 diorang la tukang masaknya. Boleh jugak bagi anak2 tolong kacau kuah kat dalam periuk atas dapur, tolong letakkan garam or even jadi tukang rasa cukup masam, manis or masinnya makanan tu.


Mommies please don’t be afraid or think that ur kids were way to young to do house chores. They need to be trained and taught. Supaya dah besar nanti anak2 akan tahu macamana nak buat kerja rumah, they will be independent, no relying on mothers or bibiks to do everything. Get ur boys to do house chores as well, nanti takde la rumah bujang or their own room jadi macam gua or kandang kambing pulak.

But, put this in mind, the things that I keep on reminding myself too (I get these from moneysaving mom):

1. Your Kids Need to Know What You Expect from Them

Teach ur children how to do a job well, because u can’t expect them to know how to do it right. Before asking them to do a chore on their own, work with them a few times showing them specifically how to do it.

2. Don’t Expect Them To Do It Well–Especially At First

It often takes a lot of repetitive teaching, gentle correcting, and practice before a child can do a job well. Don’t expect perfection–especially when they are young. What matters is that they are putting forth effort and trying their best.

3. Praise 10 Times As Much As You Correct

It’s easy to want to focus on pointing out all the things a child does wrong and where they need to improve. Instead of dwelling on what they didn’t do right, focus most of your energies on praising those things they did well. Encouragement and affirmation go a very long way!


All the best mommies 😀



Jangan kacaula, tengah STRESS ni!


As salam,

Harini nak recap bout stress. Favourite word ni. stress


Orang datang kat meja kita nak tanya something tiba2 kena marah, “Ko jangan kacau aku boleh tak? Aku stress ni, deadline petang ni, bos nak itu ini, ko ni pulak nak menyibuk kat sini. bla bla bla…..”



Tengah2 sibuk masak kat dapur, mak mertua nak datang lagi sejam, tiba2 dengar bunyi bising kat living room. Pegi tengok,  tiba2 nampak vase kaca favourite pecah berderai. Anak kesayangan umur 2 tahun berdiri tegak kat tepi vase tu. Pangggg…. tergolek anak kecik tu kena penampar. Berbekas kat pipi, anak tergolek kat atas lantai.



Si suami tengah driving, wife keep on calling, suruh beli susu anak, suruh balik awal, suruh itu, suruh ini. Husband tak dapat concentrate on driving, hati dah panas, lampu merah pun tak berhenti. Another car coming over, husband end up in the hospital.


Did any of the situation looks familiar to u? Kalau tak jadi kat diri sendiri pun, pernah dengar or baca kat mana maybe. Here’s the outcome of people being stress. Tak boleh fikir dengan betul. In SITUATION 1 for example, kawan dia datang kat meja dia terus marah2. Why not u cool down a bit. Mana tahu sebenarnya kawan tu datang nak offer some help, or nak bagitau yang bos cakap the deadline can be delay to tomorrow. Or he just wanna say Hi, jawab jelah Hi and just tell him that ur into something urgent that u’ll catch him up later. Sounds better right?

SITUATION 2, kesian anak kecik tu. Ada 2 possiblities jugak kat sini, anak tu tak sengaja terlanggar vase tu atau memang dia pecahkan. But what do u expect from a small kid? Talk to him softly. Jangan tempered tak tentu pasal.

The wife can wait til the husband reach home in SITUATION 3. Husband is driving, dengar wife pot pet2 kat phone, terus fikiran pun jadi kusut.

Cakap senang kan? Diri sendiri pun selalu jugak stress. Tapi tadi after read through things related to stress, I promised to myself that I have to learn to control myself. Sebab apa tau?

stress1This really scares me. Nauzubillah minzalik. And I found these tips to handle stress.

1. Face it.

2. Eat Healthy Foods

3. Exercise!!!

4. Take a Bath

5. Relaxing Music

6. Pray to Allah



Moms u gotta try this!


As salam,

I was browsing and I found these. They’re great n helpful. Plus we can help the world through recycle (chewahhhh) ;p. Come on, being a mom means u need to be creative.


Picture above (macam dalam thesis pulak dah) showing how we can re-use our mineral water bottle. Simply cut the above part, attach to the biscuits, candy or snacks wrapper n re-seal ’em back. Perfect when we’re on the go. Masa balik kampung, stop kat r&r, anak2 beli twisties pastu tak abih makan. Kalau biar kang masuk angin pulak. Ada mineral water yang dah habis, boleh la guna.


Hmm… this one untuk yang pakai contact lenses. Basuh bersih2 dulu ye, lepas tu guna utk isi ur pills when u’re on short trips.


Pegi hotel mesti dapat shower cap. Jarang pakai pun. This is good idea. Simpan kasut, slippers, sandals.


Too bad we’ve thrown away our kids crib. Kalau tak dah boleh jadi working/studying/conteng-ing table for the kids. Mommies out there, check out ur garage or bawah tangga kalau2 ada lagi crib ni ye. 😉


Kita cukup tak suka nak bagi anak2 makan ice cream macam ni. Nanti meleleh sana sini. Kalau nak makan jugak it’s either u stay outside ataupun bentang tikar sebesar2 alam. The lapik pulak dengan besen besor. But now, I think they can have it.


Every rumah might have this. I bought this walaupun jaranggggg sangat buat telur rebus. So now dah tambah satu lagi kegunaan. Maybe boleh guna utk potong pisang jugak untuk buat banana split kan? I love this idea.


Here’s another, when the can is too cold, tak nak pegang. Ataupun takut tertumpah dalam kereta. Put it into another cup.


Okay… We buy a lot of pringles or mister potato. But I used the empty can as a tabung. Tapi berapa banyak tabung nak ada kat rumah tu? U can use it to save ur spaghetti.