Weekend project with kids – Part 1 (5 senses)


As salam,

Just found this useful blog, giving me ideas to make my kids love and understand science better. Guna makanan pulak tu. Credit to the authors of 27 Ways for Kids to Play with Food. Lots of fun and simple activies to do. I’m planning to try the 5 senses test by using ice cream. Actually the main reason for mummy to buy 5 tubs of ice cream for herself. hehehehehe

Here’s the story:

Get 5 different flavor of ice cream. (It can be less, depends on you).

Ice Cream

Place 1 scoop into a labelled cup like this and numbered the cups


Prepare a record sheet. Tak payah fancy2 pun. U’ll be the one who’ll write down everything.


Cover the flavor parts with stickers


Now, let’s the fun time begins. U can blindfold ur kid, or u can just ask them to close their eyes. First, ask them to smell the ice cream. One cup by another. Record their answers in the sheet.


Next, give the a spoon of ice cream to taste. Let them taste it and guess it further. Record their answers in the same sheet


Finally, when they’ve finished, let them open their eyes and ask them to peel of the stickers so that they can compare their answers with the correct one. Tengok diorg dapat teka betul ke tak?


As a reward, ask them which is their favourite flavor and enjoy ur ice cream time with kids…

Don’t forget, while ur having ur snack u can describe how their senses work. Macam apa fungsi hidung, lidah. Mintak jugak the kids to describe perbezaan rasa setiap flavor. Tapi janganlah serius sangat ye.

Have fun 🙂


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