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Weekend project with kids – Part 2 (pretend play)


As salam,

Weekend is approaching. Again, I’m thinking of things to do with my 3 kids at home. Things that can prevent them from keeping their time with the gadgets. Haishhh… susah la zaman sekarang. Beli pun susah, tak beli pun susah. Tak beli nanti kesian pulak, dengar kawan2 cerita. Dah beli of course they’ll stuck to the thing, panggil makan pun kadang2 tak layan. So, in order to prevent this, or reduce their time with this kinda gadgets mommies let’s be creative.

Let’s have a pretend play this weekend. This idea was adapted from 27 Ways For Kids To Play With Food. The same blog I was referring to last week.

1. Get one of ur kids to act as a waiter, of u can act as one. While the others will become the guest. But, if ur the waiter then u have to make sure that the foods are ready to be served. 😉play3

2. Lay the table accordingly just to have the “feel” of dining out. play2

3. Present the guest with ur prepared menu. It doesn’t has to be fancy, u can just write it in a piece of paper along with the price. U can provide the waiter with a note book n pen to write down the orders.play1

4. Enjoy the food. The waiter of course can dine along. If not, kesian pulak dia sorang2 tak makan kan. Hehehe.

5. Once done, the waiter will present the bill. To make the situation real, u can use the fake money, from Saidina of course. This will teach them to deal with money and maths. If the older sibling get to become the waiter then make him do the calculations for the bill. play4

That’s it. Done with ur weekend role play. 🙂