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Love to dress up?


As salam,

Yes I do. But have to admit that I’m not really good in fashion and style, in clothing. Will just wear anything comfortable to me, covering my aurah and try to obey the dress code as much as possible. Do think that need to find some time to revamp my wardrobe, buang baju2 lama yang tak pakai tu. Dah ketat actually, some torn jeans, baggy t shirts. Owhh so many things to do, yet so little time that I have. Another reason to revamp is nak try a new image (chewahhh…). Macamana pulak tu? Ok, let’s look in these pictures. It was taken from this blog, carib muslimah. I’ve always love her blog. But she’s stop blogging somehow after she delivered a baby. But that was last year. Dunno why. Tapi takpelah. Jom layan some of this pictures.


I would want to wear this to work, nampak so corporate  kan?


Will wear this on Wednesday, cause it’s not really a busy day. Will spend most of the time in my room. Pakai heels pun okay sebab tak banyak berjalan.style3

During weekend or my shopping day, but totally without the kids around. Susah nak kejar anak with those wedges on.style4

Love the boots and handbags. But not the tudung style.style5

Mana nak beli lipstick wonder women tu? Hehehe… the top looks great!

Nice right? Rasanya kalau nak ikut this kinda style, I need to save these pictures in my phone and shop accordingly to the styles. Hahaha.. kronik betul untuk someone yang buta fashion like me.

Till now, bye 🙂