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Home remedy for psoriasis


As salam,

Psoriasis is one type of skin disease. I read that it’s a genetic disease and an immune-mediated disease. I had psoriasis. My late father and my mum both having the same problem. I’ve been having it since my teenage years. It was never cured. It’ll come and go. The worse part is that is leaves an ugly scares. Ur skin will turn darker at the infected area. I had at my feet. Buruk la rupa kaki. Bertompok2 parut hitam.


Psoriasis can be as mild as this.


Gettin’ worse.


And as worse as this. Even worse… U’ll feel itchy all the time.

I came across this website giving ideas on home remedy for this problem. I realize that it’ll never cure, but at least it can control it.

Water therapy

Dry skin can make psoriasis became worse. What u need to do is to dip the infected area into lukewarm water for few minutes to soften the flaky skin. Then u can peel it of. Once done, moisturize ur skin.

Coconut oilps3

It contains lauric acid which has the property of  anti bacteria and anti inflammatory agent. Rub the oil on the infected area so that it can moisturize and calm the inflammation.

Apple cider vinegar

Mix 1 part of apple cider vinegar with half part of water. Dip the infected area into the solution for about 10 minutes. Do this regularly, InsyaAllah the affected area will turn to its original color ( I really have to try this).

Aloe veraps5

Apply the gel 6-7 times daily as it can moisturize the infected area.

Olive oilps4

Also good to moisturize the infected area. U can also mix it with few drops of tea tree oil since they both contain anti fungal and anti infection properties.